Othonna auriculifolia for Sale


Othonna auriculifolia

This species occurs over a large area from the Bokkeveld Mountains to Uniondale.

The plant has an underground tuber with only the leaves appearing above the soil. The attractive runcinate leaves are a grey-green colour and appear in winter.

There is considerable variation in the size and leaves of the plants at different locations and also even at the same locality.

The disc florets are purplish and yellow (middle) and the ray florets white (outer), and typical of the Asteraceae family. The flowering time is winter or spring.

Two varieties are recognized: Othonna auriculifolia var. arctotoides and Othonna auriculifolia var. auriculifolia.


Zeekoegat - some of the forms are attractive with crispy leaf margins.


Zeekoegat - A flowering specimen.


Keurkloof south west of Volmoed - a larger form.




Zoutkloof near Zebra. An attractive smaller form with greyish leaves.