Haworthia scottii for Sale


Haworthia scottii - Gamka East Calitzdorp

Haworthia scottii (Ingo Breuer) is found amongst stony outcroppings south east of Calitzdorp in the Gamka East area. It is also found at a few other areas in the Calitzdorp district. The relationship to Haworthia arachnoidea is probably quite close.

Haworthia scotti can be regarded as a form Haworthia arachnoidea or those that are more liberal may regard it as a seperate species. In a horticultural sense and for collectors it is convenient to use a seperate name.

It does have some distinctive characteristics though:

1. Some plants tend to be somewhat translucent. This is strictly not an H arachnoidea feature.

     There are however many other H arachnoidea relatives that also have translucent leaves.

2. The flowering peduncles are often shorter then in Haworthia arachnoidea.

3. The plants are usually smaller.

The leaves can be hairy on the keel and margins or smooth.

Some 10 km and less in many directions 'ordinary' Haworthia arachnoidea are found.

I include some recent habitat pics taken during a very dry spell. Also some pics taken with an old Mavica camera when the plants were more turgid.


Haworthia-scottii in cultivation.


Old seed stalks.

Haworthia-scottii-gamkaeast 1

Stones provide protection from the scorching sun.


Translucent leaves.


Less translucent leaves.


Hairs on the leaves.


Hairy and smooth leaves side by side.

Limited seed grown plants will be made available on Plant Auction from time to time.