Haworthia lanosa for Sale


Haworthia lanosa - Doornkloof

Rather attractive plants from Doornkloof east of De Rust. Haworthia lanosa is similar to Haworthia arachnoidea but more spiny. Although they compare also with Haworthia aranea, the latter usually is found on shady south facing slopes while Haworthia lanosa on sun facing slopes.


Haworthia lanosa in habitat at Doornkloof.

The plants should not be confused with Haworthia erii which occurs on the same farm, but grows up on the mountain and has translucent leaves.

Seedlings are very scares and here and there one will be available on Plant Auction.



Haworthia lanosa 'prolifera' - Dysselsdorp

This is a very proliferous form growing on the western slope of a stony hill.


Plants in habitat near Dysselsdorp.

Seedlings not available yet - hopefully in 2018.