Haworthia erii for Sale


Haworthia erii - Doornkloof east of De Rust

In my opinion Haworthia erii seems related to Haworthia cyanea, but could also link to Haworthia aranea. The mountainous habitat reminds of Haworthia aranea but Haworthia erii is a plant with translucent leaves, sometimes highly so, whereas Haworthia aranea is not. The bristles of Haworthia erii are also thicker than those of Haworthia aranea.

Haworthia erii grows in and on top of a steep kloof at Doornkloof east of De Rust.


Haworthia erii in cultivation.

Plants have been found in the kloof near the entrance but it is difficult to assess their further distribution due to the very steep cliffs in the kloof. Also the terrain is bushy and stony and diffcult to access.

More plants were found at the top of the kloof but so far not wandering much further from the latter. They are usually squashed between sandstone rocks, often covered with debris, and difficult to see.


Typically wedged between rocks.

The plants can become very attractive in cultivation due to their translucent, silvery shiny leaves.

I have been most unfortunate not to obtain any seed of these plants, both in habitat and in cultivation, and the plants will probably remain rare in cultivation for some time.


The plants have a similar colour than the surrounding rocks, are often covered with debris, and can be difficult to spot. Underneath the dry leaves etc are quite a number of plants.


The plants also appear to grow slower than many other Haworthia arachnoidea relatives which is not helping the cause either.




General view from habitat.

A few offsets that were formed due to damage will be made available at Plant Auction only very occasionally for now.

Lower down, a few kilometers from the kloof, an attractive form of Haworthia lanosa (not translucent and larger) is found.