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Haworthia calitzensis - Kruisrivier (south of Swartberg).

Haworthia calitzensis is found at a few places north east of Calitzdorp south of the Swartberg. Personally I have only seen two populations in the vicinity of Kruisrivier. The first noticeable link is with Haworthia sakai (mucronata) but there also is evidence of Haworthia decipiens which occurs north of the Swartberg. Not far from and further north of the Kruisrivier population is a Haworthia mucronata form which has affinity with Haworthia lockwoodii (also naturally found north of the Swartberg).


Haworthia calitzensis in habitat at Kruisrivier.

All this makes for an interesting debate about the origin of all species mentioned above.


a Plant in cultivation.

At Kruisrivier the plants occur in fairly dense bush on the eastern slope of a high hill and the appearance of the individual plants within the population is fairly similar. A few kilometers to the east the link to Haworthia sakai is clearer and the plants more variable.

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South of Kruisrivier.

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A very few seed grown plants will be made available Plant Auction occasionally.