Haworthia bayeri for Sale


There is a very thin line separating Haworthia bayeri from Haworthia laeta. Haworthia bayeri includes plants form the Uniondale area but also to the west and east from there. Haworthia latea grows from around De Rust to Dysselsdorp.

The difference between the two forms is not very clear and I shall treat them under Haworthia bayeri here.

Haworthia laeta - De Rust

Some very beautiful plants are found around De Rust. A number of plants have very clear markings that develop with age. From this population alone one might consider Haworthia laeta to be a separate species. Further west the picture becomes more muddled however.


A very beautiful old plant.


Growing amongst grass in an informal settlement area.

The flowering time is during spring.

Various seed grown plants will be available on Plant Auction from time to time. Also plants from leaf cuttings will be sold.