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Gasteria disticha var. disticha

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Gasteria disticha is closely related to G. brachyphylla which grows in the Little Karoo and has a smooth leaf surface. Although both have leaves in opposite rows, G. disticha is immediately recognized by its rough leaf texture (almost like fine sandpaper).

Mostly the plants are a greenish colour with lighter or white leaf markings.

Gasteria disticha Ashton

Gasteria disticha var. disticha from near Ashton

Gasteria disticha var. robusta

Quoting Mr. Ernst van Jaarsveld:

Gasteria disticha var. robusta is distinguished from G. disticha var. disticha by its firm, shorter, robust leaves 55-100 45-65 mm and its flowering time during midsummer. The plants grow in Gamka Karoo (Nama-Karoo) vegetation in the Beaufort West and Merweville regions, with mostly summer rain.

Beaufort West g dist robusta

Gasteria disticha var. robusta from Beaufort West.

Beaufort West gasteria

Gasteria disticha var. robusta with Euphorbia stellispina.

Gasteria disticha 'Oubergensis'

I apply the name with hesitation as it is based on a single specimen found on top of the Ouberg Pass between Montagu and Touws River. The plant ( and subsequent leaf offshoots) show a dark colour variation from the typical variety.

Gasteria oubergpas2

Single specimen found on Ouberg Pass.

According to Ernst van Jaarsveld Gasteria disticha var. disticha occurs in the Ouberg Pass area. The plant however has a dark skin colour similar to Gasteria disticha var. robusta from the Beaufort West area. The specific specimen had one leaf detached from the plant.

Gasteria oubergpas3

Offsets created from a detached leaf.

This leaf has been used to create a few offsets. Very occasionally available on Plant Auction.

Gasteria disticha 'obscura'

Gasteria disticha 'obscura' in this website refers to the attactive dark coloured Gasterias that are found in Bosluiskloof. Due to their rough leaf texture I take it as a dark small form of Gasteria disticha but it could even be a form of Gasteria brachyplylla var. bayeri which occurs some 20 km to the south side of the Swartberg.

Bosluiskloof is part of the Swartberg range on the northern (Great Karoo) side.

The photograph of this plant here included is quite misleading as the plants in habitat are usually very small resembling Gasteria brachyphylla var bayeri in size and appearance except for the fact that they are darker, sometimes almost pitch black.

Gasteria disticha 'Vleilandensis'

This Gasteria could be a western continuation of the 'obscura' form . The plants are larger and not as dark as the "obscura" form. Seedlings should be available in 2019.

Gasteria disticha Vleiland

Plants in deep shade near Vleiland.

Gasteria disticha 'Rouxpos form'

Another smallish Gasteria occurs at Rouxpos some 30 kilometers to the west of Gasteria disticha 'obscura'. These plants are in general less dark than Gasteria disticha 'obscura' from Bosluiskloof. In colour more like the form from Vleiland.

Both forms are still rare in cultivation and will only occasionally be sold Plant Auction.

Gasteria Rouxpos

A seed grown plant from Rouxpos.