Euphorbia multiceps for Sale


These beautiful cone-shaped plants are found in a number of localities in the arid parts of South Africa with apparently also some records in southern Namibia.

Euphorbia multiceps - Southern form

The Southern Karoo and Little Karoo forms of this species are fairly similar. They grow in dry karoo shale areas,often protected under bushes but also in the open. The plants are fairly low growing, about up to 30 cm tall and like many others in the genus contain a milky latex that is exceedingly irritating to mucous membranes e.g. the eyes and mouth. It is almost beyond believe how porcupines can ravage and eat these wonderful plants like it is the tastiest delicacy to be found !

Euphorbia multiceps is bisexual with both female and male parts in one cyathium.

The plants are not difficult to cultivate but want sunshine and enough root space as well as limited water otherwise they will not be happy. Hot summer temperatures and winters with only mild frost are the most suitable.


A seed grown specimen orginally from around Warmbad between Ladismith and Barrydale.




Plants in habitat north of Matjiesfontein.


North of Matjiesfontein.

Some seed grown plants are available on Plant Auction from time to time.