Euphorbia colliculina for Sale


Euphorbia colliculina is known from west of Oudtshoorn, eastwards to the De Rust area. Further east some similar plants are found with minor floral differences that could perhaps be regarded as a separate variety.

Plants without specific data are available for sale at Plant Auction from time to time.

Plant with specific data will be sold later.

Euphorbia colliculina - De Hoop

Around De Hoop the plants are quite similar to plants from the type locality near Oudtshoorn. Perhaps the tubercles are slightly more prominent than those of the type specimens.





Euphorbia colliculina - Zebra

The plants have thicker branches than the plants from the type locality


Euphorbia colliculina at Zebra between Oudtshoorn and George.





Euphorbia colliculina - East of Vaalkrantz

Plants from east of Vaalkrantz, between Uniondale and De Rust, have a neat appearance. The branches are shorter than the forms from the Oudtshoorn area. In general the details still seem to fit the species.

Euphorbia-colliculina- west-of-vaalkrantz-1

A cultivated plant.

Euphorbia-colliculina- west-of-vaalkrantz-cyathia


Seedlings maybe available for sale in 2018.