Euphorbia audissouii for Sale


Euphorbia audissouii - Keurfontein area

This recently described (Gerhard Marx) Euphorbia species hails from the Albertinia area growing amongst coastal succulent shrub.

The plants were originally discovered by Jean-André Audissou at a different location near the Gouritz River and hence named after him.

This species is fairly easy to distinguish from related medusa Euphorbias due to the obtusely angled branches (fingers). Euphorbia audissouii can grow an enormous taproot. Perhaps the largest I have ever seen in comparison to the green parts.



Euphorbia audissouii in habitat around keurfontein.

Both Gerhard and I were a bit jittery while collecting samples for the description, as we were being watched by two mating cheetahs from a 200 meter distance.

The area is now game fenced and not accessible for exploration.


The type specimen showing the enormous taproot.


Swollen taproot already formed on young seedling.

Seedling quantities are extremely limited and plants will only be available on Plant Auction for now.