Cotyledon undulata for Sale


Cotyledon undulata - Oudtshoorn district

Although sunk under Cotyledon orbiculata var. oblonga some years ago , the latter taxonomic arrangement is possibly subject to change, and I shall uphold the name Cotyledon undulata until a new study confirms otherwise.

This beautiful Cotyledon with grey often undulate leaves makes a beautiful pot plant or garden specimen.

The typical Cotyledon flowers appear in summer and are orange red in colour.

Cotyledon undulata 1

An attractive small plant south of Oudtshoorn.

Cotyledon undulata 2

South of Oudtshoorn.

Cotyledon undulata 3

Flowering in December en route Mossel Bay.

Cotyledon undulata 4


Cot undulata Kammanassie

A special clone from near the Kammanassie Dam.



A few propagated plants will be available on auction here in 2016 and 2017. More seed will be sown in 2016 and hopefully seed grown plants will be more plentiful around 2018.