Bulbine succulenta for Sale


Bulbine succulenta - Tanqua Karoo and south of Laingsburg.

This is a interesting tuberous species that occurs from Namaqualand to the Great Karoo. The yellow inflorescense can be up to 60 cm high. The tuber forms a fibrous collar around the base with the leaves. The leaves are succulent and the flowering time is in spring. The leaves can be above the ground especially in cultivation. In habitat the leaves are sometimes partly buried under the ground.


Plants in habitat south of Laingsburg with leaves partly buried into the soil.


South of Laingsburg.


A plant flowering in the Tanqua Karoo with leaves more exposed.


Adult specimens have a distinct collar at the base of the leaves.


General view of the Tanqua Karoo. A vast barren landscape. Some of these areas get exceedingly hot in summer. This is mostly a semi-desert area with some places more like real deserts. Very interesting plants are found here. A number of the geophytes are undescribed and probably many undescovered. The mountains are are not easily accessible due to their slope, loose stones and lack of vegetation to hold on to. Due to erosion they often get very steep from about half way up to the summit, making the climb virtually impossible.