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Austronea densiflora - Oudtshoorn

Although only recently described, Austronea densiflora has been known for a number of years in the Oudtshoorn district as well as other areas of the Little Karoo. It was previously regarded as an undescribed Drimia species.

Mario Martinez-Azorin et al have recently created a new genus Austronea for this interesting bulb and also included related species under this genus.

Altogether seven species have been included in this Genus.

'Austronea (Asparagaceae, Scilloideae), a new genus from southern Africa, including the description of seven new species (MARIO MARTÍNEZ-AZORÍN1*, MANUEL B. CRESPO1, MARÍA ÁNGELES ALONSO-VARGAS1, ANTHONY P. DOLD2, MICHAEL PINTER3 & WOLFGANG WETSCHNIG3 )'


'.. we describe Austronea, a new genus from South Africa and southern Namibia. This genus is related to Fusifilum based on general inflorescence and flower morphology, but it differs from it by the leaves usually leathery and sometimes thickened; the capitate to subcorymbose raceme commonly nodding at early developing stages; the reddish to green-yellowish tepals, rarely white (see flower buds), which are usually connate at the base to form a distinct cup and patent free lobes, rarely tepals nearly free from the base; the filaments linear to lanceolate, smooth or rarely papillate below; and the ovary green to yellow-orange. These differences are also supported by our genetic studies (not shown) in which Fusifilum and Austronea form two well supported sister clades.'

Austronea densiflora has slightly succulent leathery leaves, and attractive orange-brown flowers that appear in spring.

Austronea densiflora group

Austronea densiflora flowering near Oudtshoorn. Although the species is proliferous, clumb forming is very slow.

Austronea densiflora with flowers and fruit

Flowers and fruit.

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